Changing the Lives of the Sin-filled

We would pray that more people would have the need to turn to God.

Father, take away the blessings of the false belief system. Give your people back their right standing in Your eyes.

Let us have a contrast between us and the world, so the world can see our witness.

God, convict all the Christian believers that are seduced by the world. Break the hearts of those who are tied up in emotional adultery or sinful lust for food. Lord, take away our idols we have so many. No person should be able to claim Christ and then cuss out their neighbor, or claim Christ and watch rated R movies and purchase things like cable TV which are designed to promote the lies of Satan himself. Father God, Your people are just like Eve in the garden. They listen more to the Serpent than they listen to the loving Father.

I pray for Revival to break out by Your Word.


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